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Our Dedicated (captive) engineers model allows you to quickly setup your own nearshore / offshore IT teams. We can help you setup teams from two staff to hundreds of staff.

Rather than allocate engineers from a bench and try to fit a square peg in a round hole we help you recruit people that match your specific requirements.

We tailor the recruitment process to your needs. One, two or three stage interview process with or without a programming test its your call. You are in complete control of the selection and hiring process.

You also have complete control and transparency over costs.

Once we recruit the staff you manage their work and their careers just as you would manage those of your own staff.

The staff work exclusively for you and will adopt your company culture.

There are no long term commitments and should you wish in the future we can help you transition your team to your own legal entity.

We take care of the office space, meeting rooms, HR, payroll, admin, legal, facilities, procurement, social events, team building events, etc.

You are welcome to visit your team as often as you like or have them visit your offices.

It is also possible to complement your Dedicated team with our On-Demand engineers.

Example of how it works


  • You send us your job specification
  • We identify candidates in the local market
  • We conduct first round interviews
  • We send candidate profile and CV to you
  • If you wish we can administer any tests on your behalf
  • You decide whether you want to interview candidate
  • You decide whether to proceed with the candidate
  • You decide how much you want to pay the candidate
  • We negotiate with candidate on your behalf
  • We employ the candidate


  • We can procure laptop, monitors, headsets, etc., on your behalf
  • We setup office space, e.g. desk, chair, pedestal, etc.
  • We conduct our HR induction
  • We can carry out your company induction if you wish


  • You allocate work and manage deliveries
  • Staff use your systems, methodologies and processes
  • Staff work exclusively for you and will not be rotated
  • We take care of HR, payroll, procurement, social packages, facilities, office, legal, etc.
  • We jointly conduct probation and performance reviews
  • You decide bonus and salary increases and we administer
  • We organise social events, team building events, football team, cycling team, running club, hackathons, lectures, etc.
  • We invoice you monthly for office, salaries and our fees


Development Center

99 Rakovski Street, 13th Floor

Sofia 1000, Bulgaria